We believe in the power of food. Not only to heal us, but also to bring us joy and comfort in the times we need it most. 

Co-Founders Tania and Jahan bonded immediately when they met at the entrance of their law school building in Berkeley, California. Within days, they recognized a shared love for travel, baked goods…and the (not so) occasional late night nachos. Their friendship continued when they began working at the same law firm in Los Angeles, chatting in each other’s offices, and munching on foods that made the long work hours a little more enjoyable. Slowly but surely, those conventional processed “treats” took a toll on their bodies.  

As they began to transform their diets, the pair scoured the aisles of their favorite health food stores for desserts that fit their new clean eating guidelines. One bump in the road: instead of sparking joy, these snacks just reminded them of their restrictions.

Alas, the chocolate loving duo rolled up their sleeves and began experimenting with nutritious ingredients like tahini that were staples in their own homes growing up. The result: ooey-gooey, soft-baked cookies that were too delicious not to share with others on health journeys and really, anyone who loves cookies. 

Brune Kitchen is truly in the business of spreading happiness, one bite at a time. 

P.S. Brune [pronounced “Broon”] means “brown” or “brunette” in French. We’re two brown, brunette women on a mission to make clean treats that are a first choice rather than an alternative.

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